The Clerk of Courts in Cuyahoga County believes that a better-informed citizenry leads to better government. The policy of the Clerk’s office is to adhere to the state’s Public Records Policy Law. However, it is the policy of the Clerk’s office to determine what records are exempt from public retrieval.

Records Search

Court, Criminal, Marriage, Divorce, Property

Records are kept, filed, and maintained in Cuyahoga County by the Clerk of Courts, Nailah K. Byrd. In addition, The County Archivist is designated as the public records manager and is responsible for managing the County’s public records. They organize the records and reports and make them readily available to the public for copying and retrieval.

Routine or open requests include meeting minutes, budgets, salary information, forms, and applications. However, records containing confidential information cannot be handled as open or routine requests. However, you can only copy up to 33 pages. After the 33-page limit, the copy charge is $.03 per page.

To find records in Cuyahoga County, use the Recorded Document Search or call the Records Public information line at 216-443-7300. The Recorded Document Search is provided to give the citizens of Cuyahoga County access to information housed at their offices. You can find data on this site on the documents filed at the Recorder’s office from 1810 to 2023.

The official records search can be started at You can do a quick search or an advanced search for the records you need. The website indicates that all downloads are free unless you need certified copies, which will be processed within 48 hours. Certified documents are not free.